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Cruising with the industrial standards – A Learnof Case Study on Education System

Skills needed to cruise with the industial standards

Have we placed ourselves on a cruise of industrial standards??? Well, You might be wondering that what’s this article is all about, We need not sail anywhere to understand this, Here you go. This would seem more like an eye opener for each of us. Recently, we came across a study conducted on students from top business Continue Reading

A Case Study on SAP and it’s Career Opportunities.

sap - learnof

  Note: This case study on SAP gives you a detailed insights about SAP and its career  opportunities in the market. This article might be a great help for people who wish to pursue their career in SAP and associated fields. SAP AG is a European software company, headquartered in Waldorf, Germany.  SAP stands for  Systems, Applications and Products in Continue Reading

Digital Education – a much needed transformation

digital eduaction - Learnof

Traditional teaching habits have been gradually getting adapted to new technologies from past several years as the learner’s demands and expectations have gone beyond their need. People are looking for quality education embedded with new technologies in every stage of education, Whether it might be a Montessori preschool or a Post Graduation. The new age Continue Reading

History and evolution of e-learning

If you think that concept of distance learning has been discovered in recent decades, then there is something you need to know. The roots of distance learning is buried deep beneath the mid of nineteenth century when even telephone would have sounded like a futuristic myth. It all started in 1840′s when Sir Issac pitman Continue Reading

Carniball-The football Fest by

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Football being world’s one of the most popular and ancient games has been entertaining the mass for centuries. Football is the game of greeks and has gained what it deserves around the world. This carnival of excitement comes every 4 year. is here to double your excitement with the contest of carniball. The concept Continue Reading