Cruising with the industrial standards – A Learnof Case Study on Education System

Have we placed ourselves on a cruise of industrial standards???

Well, You might be wondering that what’s this article is all about, We need not sail anywhere to understand this, Here you go. This would seem more like an eye opener for each of us. Recently, we came across a study conducted on students from top business schools in India. The study had revealed some bitterly disappointing results which are assumed no way healthy for  individual career growth and as well as industrial developments.

Shockingly, 50% of total students score below the industry standards in sales and customer focus skills !! And the students score very less in various other categories too. Is this called the failure of business schools to train students to match their skills to industrial standards? or is it that our entire education system have got multiple flaws to point at?

Skills needed to cruise with the industial standards

Looking onto our basic education system, which entirely lacks financial education. Professionals believe that, financial education is a must have knowledge for every individual which makes us sharp, analytic and problem solvers. Most of the cases, our learning seem nothing to do with our profession. More often, our kids grow with the theoretical knowledge which has got minimal practical approach. In some cases they don’t even be knowing where those learning would land them. If the same scenario continues even with their  higher education then where they going to end up? and who will teach the skills which makes them launch-ready for the industry.


The point is, we need our education system to concentrate more on practical oriented teaching methodologies rather than traditional theoretical approaches.

Two things worth mentioning, Either we need a revised education system or we need our generation to learn the necessary things themselves. The acceptable one is learning the required skills ourselves. One should always try to implement the things which you have learnt as a part of your academics.

As a learner, If you want to possess skills that will allow you to cruise with the industrial standards then jump into the real world and participate. If you are a student then just have a look around, what  activities are occurring in and around your place. Attend the conferences, Participate in workshops, listen to the seminars, meet new people, open yourself to the practical world and grab the opportunities.

Make the best use of available resources…..

Making the best use of available learning resources is also a notable one. Internet has got gallons of information and resources are amazingly unlimited. Learn everything that interests you and also know about the things even if they doesn’t interest you.

For the betterment of our world, to spread the knowledge globally, we made a best in class platform(Learnof) that will allow you to explore, learn and share the knowledge. We believe in globalization, you be able to listen to the professors from the top universities of the world. The choice is yours, from whom you wish to learn.

There are thousands of free and paid courses covering every single subject, which you can access online, and start learning almost everything from anywhere.

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