History and evolution of e-learning

If you think that concept of distance learning has been discovered in recent decades, then there is something you need to know.
The roots of distance learning is buried deep beneath the mid of nineteenth century when even telephone would
have sounded like a futuristic myth.

It all started in 1840′s when Sir Issac pitman taught shorthand writing in Great Britain via correspondence. He started
course by sending assignments to his pupil by mail and asking them to send it back after completing it.

Again, In early 1920′s sydney pressey, professor of Ohio state university introduced machine to provide drill and practice.
Machine resembled typewriter with four answers. Answer was recorded by pressing the key and the answer was noted in the counter
placed inside the machine. Total score can be noted at the end of the test by slipping a sheet in the machine. Sydney’s invention was at the wrong time. The world was not ready yet. Great depression delayed the success of the machine and could not get over it until the end of second world war.

Term elearning was first coined in 1999 in a CBT conference. The period after this saw a sudden rapid change in technology with all the dot com boom and widespread internet connectivity.It was only afer 1980′s when personal computers became more common. 1990 witnessed the introduction Multimedia PC that made watching video more easy.
Now elearning is in a phase where it does not need any tech advancement, only thing that lacks is acceptance on a mass scale.

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