Yet another milestone for Learnof – The Red Herring Finalist 2014

How astonishing it feels, when someone pays you the reward and the appreciation you deserve; doesn’t it feel grateful? We worked hard; we stood up against the difficulties and took challenges in a more positive way. Now, It’s a celebration time for Learnof and the team. Learnof has been named as one of the most promising business startups in the field of technology by Red Herring. Learnof Red herring finalist

Its our hard work, dedication and our commitment towards work, made us stand tall among the Asia’s top 100 Red herring finalist  for the year 2014. Every year Red herring selects some of the most prominent business startups from Asia, Europe and America. All those selected startups are analysed and reviewed in a meticulous 3 step process that looks at every aspect of the company.

What’s Red Herring?

Red herring is a media company which publishes leading innovation magazine, online technological news service and technology newsletters. As mentioned earlier, Red herring selects hundreds of new exciting startups, analyses them and scrutinizes the companies based upon some around 20 important criteria. These criteria include Business idea, Disruptiveness of the solution in the market, Market footprint, Market maturity, Overall growth rate and many things. Red herring was among the first to recognize companies such as Google, Facebook, yahoo, eBay and YouTube as potential startups at that time. Amazingly, now, we can see how these potential startups of the past had changed our life completely and become part of our today’s life.

Proud moment for Learnof: 

We feel proud as Learnof has been listed among the top potential businesses; the businesses which holds the power of mapping the future world to the next level. Learnof and team are excited about its first appreciation from the industry.  Currently with our executive education segment getting more traction, we are in a process of onboarding as many premier Business schools to enlist their executive MBA programs on learnof. Also, we have crossed one more milestone by listing 10,000+ courses.




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