History and evolution of e-learning

If you think that concept of distance learning has been discovered in recent decades, then there is something you need to know. The roots of distance learning is buried deep beneath the mid of nineteenth century when even telephone would have sounded like a futuristic myth. It all started in 1840′s when Sir Issac pitman Continue Reading

Carniball-The football Fest by Learnof.com

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Football being world’s one of the most popular and ancient games has been entertaining the mass for centuries. Football is the game of greeks and has gained what it deserves around the world. This carnival of excitement comes every 4 year. Learnof.com is here to double your excitement with the contest of carniball. The concept Continue Reading

Launch of Learnof.com – The Press Release

Hey Learners!! It all went well with the launch of Learnof.com. YES, we officially launched this month with a lot of buzz created in the public. With various campaigns of mailer, facebook,twitter,linkedin,quora, PRESS RELEASE Learnof.com seem to seek a lot of attention. PRESS RELEASE is one of the activity the team was really looking forward to, Continue Reading

Learnof.com- A Gateway Of Choices

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Realizing the significance of upcoming demand of learning vogue, our team has taken an insightful initiative of bringing together all the educational courses under one roof. Delivering the best amongst the many is Learnof’s objective. Learnof.com is all set to be available to everyone this MAY. Keeping in mind the requirement of fresher to senior level executives, we Continue Reading

Learnof – A much needed startup


With the growing need of education over the globe, a very new concept of learning is at your doorstep. We call it Learnof. A group of people sharing the common vision of educating and uplifting the standard of education has come up with a new initiative wherein the courses being offered by different institutes are Continue Reading