Working is fun at Learnof – The Ecstasy of Being different

It always feels good when you get to enjoy multiple things at one place. It feels heavenly when you have a workplace of that kind. Learnof is such a great place to work at.  Its our fun filled work place, where we never get bored during our office time. We throw jokes, we play pranks, we laugh until our ribs get tough and again we get back to our work. That’s how we enjoy our work, that’s how our imaginations get wings and flies to its right destination or the right target.

Learnof is a dedicated working class of people friendly members and they are all molded in a craft of professionalism. This is what makes us different among various players in the market. We are a bridge between learners and institutions. Change is constant. So we strive to bring a positive change in everyone’s lives, be it our colleagues, our user base or our clients

Working is fun at Learnof

We at Learnof believe that celebrations, astonishments, having fun, laughing out and caring for each other are as   equally important as our work. We involve all these in our work culture and that’s how we work.

Friendship day Celebration:

When it comes to celebration, we never miss any opportunity, we always search for the reasons to celebrate. Last week, team Learnof celebrated the friendship day.  As it was expected, it was fun. We had a contest, in that one friend should judge and guess the interests, likes or dislikes of the other. Many people participated, One who guessed the maximum, won the contest.  People got rewarded with a cash prize upon winning the contest. Congrats to Aseem Dutt and Debabrato, the winner friends.

Celebrations at Learnof

Gyan session: a unique way of spreading the knowledge

The Gyan (Knowledge) session that we had last week, was a great learning experience. Gyan session is our monthly colloquy of learning new things. It includes learning, discussing and sharing the information among each other. Every month two people are chosen for the Sessions of their individual interest. This time Saurav and Sanjay were handpicked to address the colloquy. They gave us the insight view of the topics they had chosen. Many thanks to Saurav and Sanjay for sharing delightful thoughts with us.

“How to become a leader in your own profession”, an Another important and fruitful session given by our HR Manager Priyanka. The session inspired us to our core and made us to rethink on our abilities. Many thanks to Priyanka.

We never miss any birthday:

In Learnof, we often tend to hear people questioning ” Who’s Birthday is next?? – Let’s celebrate! “. That’s our level of excitement, when we celebrate everyone’s birthday with a great enthusiasm, We give them gifts and make them feel awesome. Many many happy returns of the day to Sangeet, Deepak, Manoj Mathew and Kishore.



Cheers !

Team Learnof

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