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Sales Negotiation Skills

This program will help you to understand about the different phases in negotiation.

Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Short programs-ClassRoom

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : Sales

Starts on : 25th Jul 2014

Duration : 2 Days

Difficulty : Medium

Challenges Faced:

1.Effective handling of :

  • That’s too expensive
  •   What’s your best price?
  •   You will have to do better than that
  •   We give you so much business!
  •   Your competitor is selling the same for…
  •   What’s your discount today?

2. Pressure for increased margins and profits
3.Ability to trade concessions and maximize variables

Key Take Aways

  • A stronger understanding of the different phases in negotiation
  • The negotiation checklist
  • A bank of customer tactics and counter tactics
  • Price-profitability matrix

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Course eligibility

Who Can Attend ?
Anyone involved in the Sales Negotiating Process

I would like to be contacted regarding this course

Programme Contents


  • The definition
  • Different phases of negotiating


  • The importance
  • What needs to be prepared
  • Analysing own offer
  • Analysing the competition
  • Analysing the customer
  • Negotiating checklist


  • The Objectives
  • The variables and their importance to each side
  • Establishing position and interest


  • If….then technique
  • Choosing variables
  • Effect of moving on price


  • Handling customers who bargain
  • Customer tactics
  • Sales person’s tactics

6.Negotiating – An Art or Science

  • Price increase Vs. profitability
  • Price decrease Vs. profitability
  • The different styles of negotiating

7.Individual Action Plan

  • Each participant evolves an individual action plan for implementation in his/her job on the basis of discussions in the programme.


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