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1000 Wisconsin Avenue NW Suite 220 Washington, ,DC 20007 United States
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Established in 1999Private instituteAlso known as The Constitution Foundation

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We build free online courses covering popular college undergraduate majors, as well as professional development and (soon!) K-12 and graduate topics. We are not a provider of MOOCs, exactly...rather, all of our courses are available online, all the time, to be worked through at your own pace...whether that's three weeks, three months, or three years. The great majority of our courses are available as a part of a sequence of study, so that when you're done with CS101 your can move immediately on to CS102 (or, if you prefer, cut right to the higher-level stuff).

We hire qualified academics to research and build our courses from the best materials freely available on the web, drawing from the wealth of resources under open licenses like Creative Commons and GNU, seeking permission when necessary, and actively building our own original content as well.

Our courses are open to everyone, everywhere: our learners come from all around the world and include people of all ages.

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