Bonds and Bond Pricing

This course will show you how bond prices are calculated and how to determine the yield rate for bond investments
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Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Mathematics & Science

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Trainer name : Helen Dakin

Difficulty : Medium

Bonds and Bond Pricing

This course will introduce you to the principles behind the calculation of bond pricing. As you know, the purchase price of bonds fluctuates as market conditions change and with this course, you will see how the purchase price of a bond will change over time.

What are the requirements?

  • you will need to have completed the Ordinary Simple Annuities course or understand the basic formulas of simple annuities

  • you will need a scientific calculator or even better, a Business Financial calculator

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 10 lectures and 1 hour of content!

  • you will be able to calculate the purchase price of a bond

  • you will be able to determine the amount of premium or discount on a bond

  • you will be able to anticipate whether a bond should be sold at a premium or a discount

  • you will be able to approximate the yield rate of return for a bond if you know the purchase price

  • you will be able to determine the issue price of a bond to provide a given yield rate

  • you will get a great set of base notes covering all of these topics on bond calculations.

Course eligibility

What is the target audience?

  • students who are taking a mathematics of finance course

  • students who are in a CFA program

  • students in a Business Program

  • students who are in need of an additional resource on the topic of bonds

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Section 1: Introduction to Bonds

  • Workbook and Video Notes

  • Bonds: Determining the Purchase Price - example 1

  • Bonds - example 2

  • Bonds - example 3

  • bond interest payments and redemption value

  • Bonds - example 4

  • Bonds - example 5

  • determining the purchase price of bonds

  • summary

Section 2: Determining the Yield Rate

  • Bonds - example 6 - determining the yield rate

  • Bonds - example 7

  • determining the yield rate on a bond

  • summary


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