Business Analytics for Beginners: Using SAS

Learn Analytics from start, through detailed discussions on topics & working on live industry projects using SAS & Excel
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Mathematics & Science

Function : General

Trainer name : Vipul Mahajan

Difficulty : Medium

Business Analytics for Beginners: Using SAS

What this course offers:

  • Specifically designed course to coach Analytics from beginner's perspective

  • Use of live industry projects to explain concepts

  • SAS and Excel have been used to work on projects

  • Learn SAS (import data, transform data, independent variables analysis, run regression and macros)

  • All coaching sessions use screen-sharing videos, so you can see exactly what's happening

  • Concepts of Correlation, Linear & Logistic Regression, KS & Gini, Model Validation and Clustering are explained from beginner's perspective

  • Data files used in the course are provided for self-practice

  • Online help where is needed

What are the requirements?

  • Basic understanding of statistics (like mean, median)

  • Basic understanding of excel (like sum function)

  • Most important: Love for numbers and data !

 What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 30 lectures and 5 hours of content!

  • You will learn Analytics with the help of live industry projects from Telecom, Insurance, Banking

  • SAS and Excel have been used in the course to work on Analytics projects

  • Following Analytics concepts are covered in the course from beginner's perspective:

  • Fundamentals of Analytics

  • Data Management

  • Covariance and Correlation

  • Linear Regression

  • Logistic Regression

  • KS and Gini

  • Model Validation

  • Clustering

  • By the end of the course, you will be able to launch your own analytics project

Course eligibility

Who should take this course :

  • Working Professionals who want to advance their career towards next big thing, Analytics

  • Entrepreneurs who want to leverage their business's data using Analytics

  • Students / Fresh Analytics Professionals who want to learn Analytics from beginners perspective

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  • Section 1: Introduction to Analytics

  • Section 2: Data

  • Section 3: Linear Regression

  • Section 4: Logistic Regression

  • Section 5: Understanding Model Results and Validation

  • Section 6: Clustering


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