Business Law And Ethics Course Online

Provides an understanding of the legal framework of business
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : General

Duration : 2 Weeks

Difficulty : Medium

Business Law And Ethics Course Online

Develop the core legal management skills and competencies. The core competencies include business law knowledge, legal risk management planning, control, problem-solving and communication.

Course Objectives

  • Provides an understanding of the legal framework of business.
  • Offers experiential analysis to understand the challenges of CEOs and General Managers in managing legal risks
  • Offers ideas, resources and tools for protecting business assets, resolving legal conflicts, and complying with the law
  • Focuses on best practices, models and tools for implementing an effective legal risk management system
  • This course is not intended for law professionals. The course provides only a high-level understanding of the Business Law to help management in business  decision-making. The coursework is not a replacement for seeking professional legal advice. The course does not prepare participants for passing state bar exams or becoming attorneys .

Courseware Content

IIM's business law and managerial ethics courseware includes:

  • Participant's coursework and assessment project guide
  • Executive summary of the subject matter (in power-point lecture notes format):
    • Summary of essential concepts and best practices
    • Examples and case studies
  • Manager's toolkit (management frameworks, decision models, checklists, etc.)
  • Experiential work-based assessment project
  • Online resources for the completion of the experiential assessment project

Course Prerequisites 

From our experience, success in distance learning requires a well-organized person who has good English language skills, is comfortable with online technologies and used to self-study and research methods.

Course eligibility

Target Audience

CEO's Team: General Managers, Business Unit Managers, Finance Managers, Accounting Managers, Operations Managers, Human Resources Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Project Managers, and Entrepreneurs.

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Course Content

  • Business Law and Organizations: Alternative corporate forms and their related tax and liability implications. It also provides guidelines on how to incorporate a business, the rules governing director's duties, takeover activity and potential risks and liabilities.

  • Professional Liability: Examines the liability of professionals, with focus on directors, lawyers and accountants.

  • Finance Law:  Laws governing capital and finance raising, lenders protection, commercial paper, property, secured transactions, creditor rights, bankruptcy, securities regulation, mergers and insider trading.

  • Employment Law: The legal and ethical aspects of human resources management including employment discrimination, harassment, workers compensation, and terms of employment.

  • Commercial Contracts: The general principles of the law of contract including the process of formation, contractual capacity, factors vitiating consent, consideration, contractual terms and the implication of terms, principles relating to the discharge of contracts, illegality and remedies for breach of contract.

  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Law: Patent, trademarks, trade secrets and valuable information.

  • Digital Law: Covers legal and ethical aspects of using computer, telecommunications, Internet and e-commerce

  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities: Ethical questions for the firm. The nature and role of core beliefs and social values. Professional ethics and social responsibility.


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