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Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : Leadership/Management

Duration : 6 Weeks

Difficulty : Advanced

Executive certificates Becoming a Leader $925 6 week online course

Shorter in length and more intensely focused than the Executive MBA, JWMI's Executive Certificates allow working professionals to swiftly broaden their perspectives, add to and upgrade their skills, and obtain the kind of cutting-edge education that will allow them to tackle today's most urgent business challenges. Taught by JWMI's specially trained MBA faculty and similarly infused with Jack Welch's winning philosophy, JWMI's varied certificate offerings are designed to fit the needs of new and experienced managers alike.

Program Structure: Combination of e Learning, videos, pod casts, exercises, forum discussions and readable materials. You can access the courses from laptop/mobile/tablets and also download readable PDFs to learn on the move. Both programs are Action Learning Based which help you apply the knowledge right away! Also, every program has been personally designed under Jack Welch's supervision and has video lessons from Jack Welch himself.
 Duration: 6 weeks online

Becoming a Leader
Leaders aren't born; they're made. And yet, many working professionals find themselves in leadership positions before they've fully developed the essential skills to build winning teams and deliver stellar results.

In this intensive six-week certificate program, personally designed by Jack Welch, students learn how to hire, motivate, coach, and inspire with confidence, avoiding the common mistakes made by most new managers, rewarding values-driven behaviors, and ultimately mastering the art of leadership for today and tomorrow. BECOMING A LEADER is designed for first-time managers, or any individual in the process of moving up in their organization or team.


Like all courses at the Jack Welch Management Institute, BECOMING A LEADER is designed for participants to be able to apply their new learnings, perspectives, and skills at work immediately. Thus, participants in this certificate program can expect to gain new competencies in how to:

Get elected boss. That's right - elected. All new managers are appointed, of course, but that doesn't mean employees automatically accept and follow their direction. BECOMING A LEADER teaches the fastest and most effective ways to build the foundations of leadership -- trust and open communication.

Evaluate your team. As Jack Welch has so often proclaimed, "The team with the best players wins." And yet, most new managers simply don't come pre-equipped with the critical ability to rank performance with true candor and to execute the Welch practice known as "differentiation" that has transformed organizations worldwide. This course closes that knowledge gap.
Motivate to win. Inspiration is far more than keyed up emails and fiery speeches to "take the next hill." It's painting a vivid vision, creating meaningful values, and building the right reward system - all competencies explored in-depth in BECOMING A LEADER.
Upgrade performance. No leader can achieve ever-better results without continuously improving his or her team. Thus, BECOMING A LEADER delivers tools for hiring to win, coaching effectively, building collaborative teams, and, in the cases of underperformers, helping people move on with dignity.

Get results. Leadership is one of the most talked about -- and least understood - parts of business success. To be an effective leader, you have to know what real leaders do with their time - and what they don't. By the time you've completed BECOMING A LEADER, you'll have no doubt about what you should be doing with yours.


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