Executive certificates - Creating a Winning Strategy

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Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : Leadership/Management

Duration : 6 Weeks

Difficulty : Advanced

Executive certificates Creating a Winning Strategy  $925 6 week online course

Shorter in length and more intensely focused than the Executive MBA, JWMI's Executive Certificates allow working professionals to swiftly broaden their perspectives, add to and upgrade their skills, and obtain the kind of cutting-edge education that will allow them to tackle today's most urgent business challenges. Taught by JWMI's specially trained MBA faculty and similarly infused with Jack Welch's winning philosophy, JWMI's varied certificate offerings are designed to fit the needs of new and experienced managers alike.

Program Structure: Combination of e Learning, videos, pod casts, exercises, forum discussions and readable materials. You can access the courses from laptop/mobile/tablets and also download readable PDFs to learn on the move. Both programs are Action Learning Based which help you apply the knowledge right away! Also, every program has been personally designed under Jack Welch's supervision and has video lessons from Jack Welch himself.
 Duration: 6 weeks online

Creating a Winning Strategy
Knowing how to lead is essential to success. Having the right team is, too. But no organization can win without the right strategy to guide its decisions and actions.

In this advanced six-week certificate program, participants receive a rigorous, hands-on education in assessing market dynamics, analyzing sources of growth, and building sustainable competitive advantage. Cases and lectures also examine best practices in mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and stretch budgeting. Whether new to strategy or seeking a refresher course in getting it right, managers will find CREATING A WINNING STRATEGY an essential addition to their toolbox for success.


Like all courses at the Jack Welch Management Institute, CREATING A WINNING STRATEGY is designed for participants to be able to apply their new learnings, perspectives, and skills at work immediately. Thus, participants in this certificate program can expect to gain new competencies in how to:

Define drivers of competitive advantage. One of the most important questions a company can ask itself is, "What can we do that our rivals can't?" At heart, strategy is about discovering the "big aha" that propels your business model beyond everything else in the game. Thus, students in this program utilize productive methods to generate and evaluate strategic options, analyze uncertainty, and create a portfolio of strategic opportunities and critical differentiators.

Understand the customer. Successful strategy depends on a company's ability to get inside the hearts and minds of its customers. Participants will learn the art of strategic customer segmentation and leave the program with a nuanced answer to the question, "Who will buy what we sell?"

Assess the playing field. If the customer is king, having a read on the competitive landscape is equally critical to making strategy. This program teaches students to distinguish among different types of competition - traditional, potential, and oblique - and develop keen awareness of the other players in the game through advanced competitive analysis techniques. By the time they complete the program, students will be better equipped to see around corners and anticipate often-hidden threats and opportunities before they arrive.

Enhance core competencies. Every company needs to develop a thorough understanding of its internal operational strengths and weakness in relation to the market. Using the PARTs framework, students will understand how to test, build, and strengthen a company's core competencies, taking inventory of what should be insourced, and what would be better strategically outsourced.

Create a plan of action. When it comes to strategic execution, Jack Welch argues that companies should, "Pick a direction and implement like hell." Here, students will learn to translate a conceptual strategic advantage into specific realities. They will identify game-changing sources of growth; be they organic or through mergers and acquisitions. They will be able to define a business's most urgent priorities, recognize important linkages between strategic planning and budgeting, and, ultimately, understand how to allocate available resources to the areas where they will make the most strategic impact.


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