Fitness Business Management

This program is ideal for allied health and fitness professionals, personal trainers, fitness managers, and entrepreneurs who wish to establish a successful business model to apply to a fitness operation.
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Instructor Lead(LVC)

Domain / Subject : Medical/Healthcare/Pharma

Function : General

Trainer name : Ken Baldwin

Duration : 200 Hours

Difficulty : Medium

Fitness Business Management

Learn to strategically manage a personal training program or a fitness department with the education you'll get in the Fitness Business Management Online Training Program. This program is ideal for allied health and fitness professionals, personal trainers, fitness managers, and entrepreneurs who wish to establish a successful business model to apply to a fitness operation.


By completing Fitness Business Management Program, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the skill-sets and competencies that a fitness professional needs in order to be a successful entrepreneur, owner, or department manager Understand how to operate a fiscally successful business in the fitness industry
  • Learn business concepts, including purchasing, contractual agreements, risk management and negligence, technology issues, and other fiscal concerns
  • Identify how branding influences consumers and creates a demand for fitness services and products
  • Understand customer relationship management methods
  • Effectively use sales techniques
  • Explore the profession as a potential career choice with the optional field internship experience
  • Work as a fitness manager or business owner in the health and fitness industry


This program is compatible with the Windows XP and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers. This program can be taken on a PC or Mac. Technical requirements include, but are not limited to, having Internet access with a 56K modem (but it's highly recommended that you have DSL or high-speed cable Internet access), 64 MB system RAM, 200 MB free hard-disk space memory or sufficient storage, reliable e-mail account access, CD-ROM/DVD capabilities, and a reliable Internet provider. Some individual programs may have additional software or hardware requirements.

These materials will be provided by ed2go:

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently
  • Performance Management That Drives Results
  • Harvard Business Essentials: Finance for Managers
  • How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life


There are no specific prerequisites to enter this program, other than an Internet connection, an e-mail address, and basic computer knowledge. Students are required to have CPR certification and approval by the program coordinator prior to beginning the Optional Field Internship.

The Fitness Business Management Program offers essential educational pathways and career opportunities for:

  • Current managers who are wishing to implement successful fitness management systems
  • Current allied health and fitness professionals and personal trainers interested in establishing a fitness business or becoming a fitness manager
  • Education directors of multi-site facilities or chains who focus on staff development for fitness professionals and fitness managers
  • Companies that require the certificate program as a professional development program for employees to achieve key business goals, career objectives, and skills to advance beyond entry-level positions

All of our programs are self-paced and open enrollment, so you can start them when you want and finish them at your own pace.

Course Content

  • Business Development and Entrepreneurship in Fitness
    • Business Fundamentals
    • Being a Fitness Manager
    • Understand Key Manager Skill-Sets
    • Sales and Marketing
  • Financial Principles and Business Concepts
    • Major Types of Financial Statements
    • Budgetary and Forecast Spreadsheets
    • Apply Financial and Accounting Principles to Start a Fitness Business
    • The Basics of the Federal Tax System
  • Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Management
    • Consumer Buying Behaviors in the Fitness Industry
    • Customer-Centric Focus
    • Transform Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty
    • Why Customers Buy or Don't Buy a Particular Club Service
  • Fitness Management and Business Administration
    • The Role of the Human Resources Department
    • The Job Description of a Fitness Professional
    • Staff Development
    • How Staff Development, Business Development, and Customer Service Management Work Together
  • Elective Program: Optional Field Internship in Fitness Business Management
    • Intern for a total of six weeks, 60 hours with professionals in the fitness and health industry for a practical experience working with members at fitness facilities and health centers
    • Network and interact with professionals in the health and fitness industry
    • Develop a professional goal statement and review career opportunities
    • Improve your ability to obtain employment or operate your own health and fitness facility


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