Hospitality Leadership

A hospitality organization is only as strong as its leadership.
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : Sales

Duration : 8 Weeks

Difficulty : Advanced

Hospitality Leadership
Empower Yourself! Become the Leader Everybody Wants to Follow.

A hospitality organization is only as strong as its leadership. The Hospitality Leadership course empowers emerging leaders with superior leadership aptitudes, skills and capabilities. When an organization is run by effective leadership and management, it fosters team productivity, creativity and innovation: all crucial elements of a company’s success. To help you become a more capable and caring leader, you’ll be introduced to concepts of emotional intelligence and personal and organizational leadership. You’ll also explore your own leadership style and identify your personal values, vision and mission – so you can better choose the organization that most closely aligns with your needs.

In this eight-week 100% online course, you’ll acquire the skills and competencies that you need to make the transition from supervisor to manager and to being a capable and compassionate leader.

What You’ll Learn

Your Leadership Vision
What makes leaders different from managers
How to attract the best people
Ways to prepare for a leadership position
Time management skills
How to develop SMART goals

Your Leadership Journey
How to develop responsibility
Effective private club leadership
Five essentials of leadership
What makes leaders real
Ways to encourage your associates and display concern

Knowing and Leading Self
Empowerment of self
Importance of diversity
How to assess your management profile
Ways to assess your vision and values
How to define your values

Know and Lead Others
How to know others
Methods for leading others
How to seize the initiative for opportunities
Ways to empower others
How to discern the expectations of others

Leading With Emotional Intelligence
Concepts of emotional intelligence
The Emotional Intelligence model
Leadership as a relationship
Pillars of emotional intelligence
Effective interpersonal communications

Planning and Building Your Career
Ways to challenge old processes
Your career progression
Power through attitude
How to become a leader
Generational differences

Lead On
Lead innovation
Managing change
The mentoring process
How to build effective teams
Championing vision

Course eligibility

Credit & Tuition 
ACE credit recommendation 3 semester hours in the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category. Register today and earn 3.5 CEUs for $1,580.

Who Should Register?
The Hospitality Leadership course is designed for professionals currently working in hotels, restaurants and corporate offices who want to assume greater leadership roles within their organization. It’s intended to help individuals advance in a variety of positions – from hotel administrator to restaurant manager to meeting and convention planner.

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Lecture Faculty:    Ron Cichy, PhD, NCE, CHA, CFBE, CHE
Facilitating Faculty:    Jack Ninemeier, PhD, CHA
Week 1:    Your Leadership Vision
1    Leadership Magical Moment
2    Leadership Eye-Opener
3    Course Introduction
4    Selected Leadership Journey
5    What Makes Leaders Different?
6    Prepare for a Leadership Position
7    Manage Time
8    Create SMARTER Goals
9    Real-World Mini-Cases
10    Introducing the Eagle
11    212 Degrees: The Extra Degree
Week 2:    Your Leadership Journey
12    Leadership Magical Moment
13    Leadership Eye-Opener
14    Effective Private Club Leadership
15    Five Essentials of Leadership
16    What Makes Leaders Real
17    The Leadership Rubric
18    Empowering
19    Real-World Mini-Cases
20    Message From the Eagle
Week 3:    Know and Lead Self
21    Leadership Magical Moment
22    Leadership Eye-Opener
23    Importance of Diversity
24    Know Yourself
25    Team-Based Personality Assessment
26    Credibility
27    Real-World Mini-Cases
28    Message From the Eagle
Week 4:    Manage with Honesty & Integrity
29    Leadership Magical Moment
30    Leadership Eye-Opener
31    Lead Self: Knowing and Doing
32    Deal With Pressure
33    Corporate Culture
34    Code of Ethics
35    Ethical Violations
36    Ethical Scenarios
37    Real-World Mini-Cases
38    Message From the Eagle
39    Walk the Talk
40    Prepare to Handle the Unknown
41    Manage for Quality
42    Internal and External Customers
43    Decision Making Process
44    Train for Results
45    Real-World Mini-Cases
46    Message From the Eagle
47    Even Eagles Need a Push
Week 5:    Know & Lead Others
48    Leadership Magical Moment
49    Leadership Eye-Opener
50    Know Others
51    Lead Others
52    Identify Opportunities
53    Empower
54    Expectations of Others
55    Servant Leader
56    Real-World Mini-Cases
57    Message From the Eagle
58    Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School
Week 6:    Leading with Emotional Intelligence
59    Leadership Magical Moment
60    Leadership Eye-Opener
61    Emotional Intelligence
62    Understand IN, OUT, and RELATIONSHIPS
63    Effective Interpersonal Communication
64    Real Examples of Emotional Intelligence
65    Real-World Mini-Cases
66    Message From the Eagle
Week 7:    Planning & Building Your Career
67    Leadership Magical Moment
68    Leadership Eye-Opener
69    Manage Your Career Progression
70    Develop Power Through Attitude
71    Become a Leader
72    Understand Generational Differences
73    Key Leadership Competencies to Practice
74    Work Your Network
75    Real-World Mini-Cases
76    Message From the Eagle
77    Essence of Leadership
Week 8:    Lead On
78    Leadership Eye-Opener
79    Lead Innovation
80    Mentor
81    Create Teams
82    Real-World Mini-Cases
83    Message From the Eagle


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