Hospitality Sales-Position Yourself for Success

In this eight-week 100% online program, you explore each part of the sales process, enhancing your skills along the way
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : Sales

Duration : 8 Weeks

Difficulty : Advanced

Position Yourself for Success
Invest in yourself and enhance your competencies as a hospitable sales professional. In order to advance in this field, you need the skills and confidence to set you apart from the competition. Gain applicable sales tools and techniques you need to establish relationships, make successful presentations and close the deal. 

In this eight-week 100% online program, you explore each part of the sales process, enhancing your skills along the way. Learn key techniques to identify and establish your client’s needs, plan a great sales presentation and negotiate to overcome resistance. Develop your expertise for every-day sales management responsibilities, from time and revenue management to marketing and business development. The curriculum in this course is structured not only to provide the concepts and strategies, but also to help you apply them through interactive role playing activities with classmates. 

What You’ll Learn
Overview of Hospitable Sales
Key steps in the hospitable sales process
Resources for developing professional sales skills
Strategic elements of hospitality marketing and how it differentiates from traditional marketing
Steps in organizing the sales office
Roles in various sales offices and how they compare and contrast from sales functions within different hospitality organizations

Communicating Hospitably 
Define and differentiate communication styles
How to develop customer relationships and build professional credibility using the appropriate communication style
Selling techniques to use with each communication style
The role of etiquette and appearance in the sales process and their impact on building relationships
Examine market segments and analyze the implications of selling to each segment

Finding Prospects – Filling the Sales Funnel 
Reasons for prospecting and qualifying new and potential clients
Basics of networking and developing your 22 second commercial
Examine influences that affect the customer’s buying decision and various theories of buying behavior
Three elements of the sales contact plan initiating the sales process
Fundamentals of a written sales communication

Establishing the Sales Relationship
Outline the sales contact plan and organize sales intelligence 
Eight methods for capturing attention and how to overcome personal and customer sales call reluctance
Questioning techniques that will build trust and establish relationships with your customer
Process for listening and validating your customer’s responses
Steps in identifying the customer’s objectives
Explore different questions, such as technical, buying process, client motivation, synopsis, acknowledgement and next step

Presenting and Selling
Five basic steps for planning a great sales presentation
How to link the Establish and Present phases of the sales process
Create a benefit statement demonstrating how you will satisfy your customer’s buying objectives
Three techniques for effective presentations
How to use strategic selling materials in creative demonstrations 
Important steps following your initial demonstration leading to a signed contract

Getting Your Customer to Say Yes
Ways to overcome resistance and the role you play in satisfying client objections to the buying opportunity
“Stop signs” in the buying process and how to minimize their effect in the sales cycle
Using resistance busters to meet customer objections and overcome their resistance to buy
The process of negotiation 
Ethical behavior for the sales professional

Closing the Sale
Uncover your competition and use business intelligence to your selling advantage
The closing process and how you should approach this step in the sales process
How and when to use techniques for closing the sale depending on customer cues 
Elements of the hotel sales contract and their importance in a sales deal
How to ensure customer satisfaction and future business by following up 

Maximizing your Resources
The basics of time management and setting goals
Prioritizing your calendar to maximize your selling potential
How to calculate occupancy, average daily rate and revenue per available unit 
Define common terms and key activities for the hospitable sales professional to focus their goals and plan their strategy to maximize resource and increase revenue


Course eligibility

Credit & Tuition
ACE credit recommendation 3 semester hours in the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category. Register today and earn 3.5 CEUs for $1,580.

Who Should Register?
The Hospitality Sales program is designed for professionals currently working in or those aspiring to transition into the hospitality industry looking to acquire the skills needed to build a successful hospitality sales career as a professional sales consultant.   

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