Language, Literacy and Learning in Primary Schools

How to Improve Teacher Education Programs in Nigeria

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Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Education

Function : Teaching

Trainer name : Dr. Olatunde Adekola

Difficulty : Basic

Language, Literacy and Learning in Primary Schools
How to Improve Teacher Education Programs in Nigeria
This course, based on Dr. Adekola's book of the same name, focuses on factors that are responsible for low learning outcomes and requirements for improvement in Nigeria primary schools. The course discusses three important conclusions from the research:
(1) Teachers' performance needs to be improved through effective teaching and operationalization of the Nigeria education language policy in the classroom.
(2) Teacher preparation needs to be improved or overhauled particularly at the primary level so as to help children learn effectively; and teachers should be given more opportunities for additional in-service training or incentives ti improve their teaching performance.
(3) An incentive systems needs to be put in place that rewards performance as measured by what teacher know and able to do in classroom and one that demands a higher level of performance in the classroom as a result of having attained higher qualifications.

This course requires a basic understanding of English language and writing. This course does not require prerequisite knowledge of software beyond a PDF reader.

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  • Lifetime access to 11 lectures
  • A community of 100+ students learning together!


Course eligibility

Target audience

  • Nigerian stakeholders within the education sectors at the federal and state level, including state and non-state actors.
  • Government officials at the Nigerian Federal and State Ministry of Education
  • The National Teacher Institute (NTI), National Colleges of Education (NCCE), and Nigeria Education Research and Development Council (NERDC)
  • Civil Society and non-governmental organizations
  • Academics
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  • Section 1: Learning and teaching in primary schools
  • Section 2: The professional development of primary school teachers
  • Section 3: Policy issues in reform of teacher development and recommendations



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