Learn Projects in HTML5 From Scratch

Master HTML5 and JavaScript with this unique course from Eduonix. We have selected ten awesome projects for you and you will learn to build them in this course and will master different aspects of HTML5, Javascript, Jquery and Web Programming
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Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Engineering & Technology

Function : Information Technology(IT)

Difficulty : Advanced

Learn Projects in HTML5 From Scratch

Course Description
Master HTML5 and JavaScript with this unique course from Eduonix. We have selected ten awesome projects for you and you will learn to build them in this course and will master different aspects of HTML5, Javascript, Jquery and Web Programming. The ten projects have been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive knowledge of this amazing technology. The project details are as follows

Responsive Blog Frontend
This application involves building of a front end to a blog and making it responsive. It will teach you the Advance HTML5 Tags.

Animated Image Gallery
This project will teach you to build an Image gallery based on Fancybox Jquery plugin. This project will teach you advance HTML5 markup, JavaScript, Jquery and Quicksand and Fancybox plugins.

Snake Game
This project uses canvas API to create the familiar snake game for the Web. This project will teach you animation and advance JavaScript. It will also teach you the use of Local Storage for building high score table. It will help you understand the concepts of loops and events in programming.

Sticky Note App
This application teaches you the use of Drag and Drop, Web Storage, Object oriented programming and client side sql will create a note making application. It will take you programming expertise to the next level.

D & D Image Uploader
Description: Drag and Drop Image Uploader gives users a nice and easy interface to upload images to their server. It uses the drag & drop API, the JQuery plugin "Filedrop" along with server-side PHP to commit the upload and move the file to a specified folder. Features/Technologies: Drag & Drop, PHP, JQuery File Drop Plugin

HTML5 Quiz Application
Description: We use the HTML5 & JavaScript sessionStorage API to store questions and answers of questions related to HTML5. We rely on JQuery for manipulating the DOM and question/page transition.

HTML5 Audio Player
Description: We will use HTML5 media elements to create a full music player with a playlist. We will hand-code every function including play, stop, pause and next/prev functionality.

Mobile Todo
Description: This day in age, it just wouldn't be right to do a web series without any kind of mobile development. Here we will use HTML5 along with the JQuery Mobile framework to create a dynamic todo list which looksgreat on mobile devices. We learn how to store JSON objects in localStorage As oppose to a standard key/value pair.

Customer Manager
Description: In this project we will create a client-side customer manager app using the powerful IndexedDB datastore. Users can easily add, update and delete customers via web browser


?Course Features

Over 75 lectures and 15.5 hours of content! Learn HTML5 and Javascript building projects Develop over 10 applications Master different APIs introduced in HTML5 Be a web front end expert

Course eligibility

Target Audience
Web developers with basic knowledge of HTML5 Programmers who want to build front end projects

System Requirements
Student must have knowledge of HTML and JavaScript

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Admission procedure

  • Appear for free Eduonix Hadoop certification with this course. 
  • This certification requires project completion and an Online Exam.      
  • Eduonix Courses provide full support for 3 months.
  • 1 Month 100% money back guarantee
  • Section 1: Introduction To The Course
  • Section 2: Getting Started With Html5
  • Section 3: Blog Frontend
  • Section 4: Animated Image Gallery
  • Section 5: Snake Game
  • Section 6: Stickys
  • Section 7: D&D Image Uploader
  • Section 8: Quiz Application
  • Section 9: Html5 Audio Player
  • Section 10: Mobile To Do App
  • Section 11: Indexed Db App
  • Section 12: Geolocation App
  • Section 13: Course Summary


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