Managerial Economics Course Online

Provides an understanding of the economic environment and its impact on business strategy formulation
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : General

Duration : 2 Weeks

Difficulty : Medium

Managerial Economics Course Online

Develop the core managerial economics skills and competencies. The core competencies include economics knowledge, planning, control, problem-solving and communication.

Course Objectives

  • Provides an understanding of the economic environment and its impact on business strategy formulation
  • Offers experiential analysis to understand the challenges of CEOs and General Managers in adapting to the changing economic environment
  • Offers ideas and tools to understand the local and global economic forces, including governmental regulations, international relations, global consumers, global production and international business
  • Focuses on the impact of economic policies on managerial decision-making, by providing an understanding of fiscal policy, and local and global economic issues affecting business
  • The course emphasizes strategic managerial decision-making. It does not focus on mathematical models or technical analysis

Online Courseware Content

IIM's managerial economics online courseware includes:

  • Participant's coursework and assessment project guide
  • Executive summary of the subject matter (in power-point lecture notes format):
    • Summary of essential concepts and management best practices
    • Examples and case studies
  • Management toolkit (management frameworks, decision models, checklists, etc.)
  • Experiential work-based assessment project
  • Online resources for the completion of the experiential assessment project

Course Prerequisites

From our experience, success in distance learning requires a well-organized person who has good English language skills, is comfortable with online technologies and used to self-study and research methods.

Course eligibility

Target Audience

CEO's Team: General Managers, Business Unit Managers, Finance Managers, Operations Managers, Human Resources Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Strategy Consultants.

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Course Content

  • Business Economics: Introduction to economic analysis, with an emphasis on firms, their market and operating environment. Pricing and output decisions. Cost and profit determination in competitive and monopolistic markets. Macroeconomic factors and policies affecting business activity in a free and open economy.

  • Microeconomics: Introduction to the economic behavior of individuals and firms with emphasis on output and price determination in the various market structures. Study of the allocation of scarce resources among competing end uses. Analysis also includes concepts of expected utility and uncertainty, and welfare economics.

  • Macroeconomics: The economic activities of the nation, their interrelationships and how they impact the firms. This module also covers the measurements of economic activity, determination of aggregate income, money, banking and prices, exchange rates, the balance of payments and government macroeconomic policy, national output, unemployment, inflation and interest rates. It also analyzes the outcome of alternative government policies related to economic problems 

  • Innovation Economy: Policies and programs to promote innovation and global competitiveness

  • International Business and Global Economy: The development of the global economy and the driving forces and consequences of growing interdependency among nations. Changing patterns of trade and migration of capital and labor are analyzed, as are cyclical and secular trends in output, employment and investment.


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