Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Certification Training

Engage in the SharePoint 2010 training program if you are either new to or experienced in working with the SharePoint 2010 program.
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Instructor Lead(LVC)

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : General

Trainer name : Bruce Gordon, Hamlet Javier

Duration : 82 Hours

Difficulty : Medium

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Certification Training

Learn basic to advanced skills in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 online program, while you prepare for certification.  You’ll discover how to create and format presentations, how to apply Transitions and Animations, how to set up presentations, and more.  This program is part of the Microsoft Business Certification program:  Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).


By completing the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Online Training Program, you’ll:

  • Know how to create and customize presentations
  • Learn to format content
  • Become skilled in formatting illustrations, graphics, text, and text boxes
  • Learn to apply Animation and Transitions
  • Know how to insert and modify multimedia
  • Learn to share and secure presentations
  • Understand how to apply, create, remove, and modify Styles on text, shapes, and pictures


This program can only be taken on a PC. It is not compatible with a Mac. It is compatible with the Windows XP and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers. You need a high-speed Internet connection and e-mail account. You should also have the following full-retail version Microsoft Office 2010 Products already installed: PowerPoint and Word.

It is recommended that you use the latest version of Internet Explorer in place of other Web browsers. Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader are required for this program. ed2go will provide the required textbook for this program:

  • Complete Guide to Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010


To enroll in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 program, you should have basic computer skills and be comfortable using an Internet browser and selecting commands from a menu or toolbar.  You should be able to manage files, including saving, updating, and backing up files.

This program is for you if you’re an office worker, manager, entrepreneur, or other professional who wants to start using advanced Microsoft PowerPoint skills immediately.  This program is also suitable for you if you’re looking to learn about this software and expand your job possibilities.

All of our programs are self-paced and open enrollment, so you can start them when you want and finish them at your own pace.  

Course Syllabus

SharePoint 2010 End User

Lesson 1: SharePoint 2010 Introduction

  • Navigation Basics
  • Team Site Layout
  • Lab: Team Site Navigation

Lesson 2: SharePoint List Basics

  • List Templates
  • Creating Lists
  • List Columns
  • Column Validation
  • Lab: Creating Lists

Lesson 3: Library Basics

  • Library Templates
  • Creating Libraries
  • Versioning
  • Lab: Creating Libraries

Lesson 4: Working with List and Library Views

  • Default Views
  • Custom Views
  • Lab: Creating and Working with Views

Lesson 5: Working with Sites

  • Site Templates
  • Creating Sites
  • Site Navigation
  • Lab: Creating Sites

Lesson 6: Page Content

  • Wiki Library Pages
  • Web Part Pages
  • Working with Web Parts
  • Lab: Creating Content Pages

Lesson 7: Forms Library

  • Creating a Forms Library
  • Creating InfoPath Forms
  • Publishing InfoPath Forms
  • Lab: Creating and Publishing InfoPath Forms

Lesson 8: Site Columns and Content Types

  • Site Column Gallery
  • Creating Site Columns
  • Site Content Type Gallery
  • Creating Content Types
  • Lab: Creating and Working with Content Types

Lesson 9: Office Integration

  • Excel Integration
  • Outlook Integration
  • Access Integration
  • SharePoint Workspace

Lesson 10: Managing SharePoint Site Permissions

  • SharePoint Groups
  • Assigning Permissions
  • Permission Levels
  • Permissions Inheritance
  • Lab: Working with SharePoint Permissions

Lesson 11: Participating in User Communities

  • Configure My Site
  • Collaborate through My Site
  • Tag and Note Content

SharePoint 2010 Power User

Lesson 1: Content Approval

  • Enabling Content Approval
  • Content Approval Workflow
  • Lab: Content Approval
  • Lab: Content Approval Workflow

Lesson 2: Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010

  • Custom List Workflows
  • Workflows Actions and Conditions
  • Workflow Variables
  • Reusable Workflows
  • Lab: Creating Custom List Workflows
  • Lab: Creating Reusable Workflows

Lesson 3: Working with Managed Metadata

  • Managed Metadata Service
  • Creating a Term Store and Terms
  • Creating Metadata Columns in Lists and Libraries
  • Publishing Content Types
  • Lab: Creating a Term Store
  • Lab: Creating Managed Metadata Columns

Lesson 4: Business Connectivity Services

  • Managing Business Connectivity Services
  • Creating an External Content Type with SharePoint Designer
  • Creating a List from an External Content Type
  • Lab: Creating an External Content Type
  • Lab: Defining a SharePoint List from an External Content Type

Lesson 5: Information Management Policy

  • Define an Information Management Policy for a Content Type
  • Define an Information Management Policy for a List
  • Lab: Create an Information Management Policy for a List

Lesson 6: Content Organizer

  • Activating the Content Organizer Feature
  • Configuring Content Organizer Settings
  • Configuring Content Organizer Rules
  • Lab: Activating and Configuring Content Organizer Feature

Lesson 7: Document ID Service

  • Activating the Document ID Feature
  • Configuring Document ID Settings
  • Lab: Activating and Configuring the Document ID Service

Lesson 8: Document Sets

  • Activating the Document Sets Feature
  • Creating a Document Set Content Type
  • Adding a Document Set Content Type to a Library
  • Lab: Activating and Configuring Document Sets Feature

Lesson 9: SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure

  • Activating the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
  • Publishing Infrastructure Basics
  • Creating Pages with Page Layouts
  • Lab: Activating Publishing Infrastructure
  • Lab: Creating Publishing Pages

Lesson 10: Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results

  • Administer Search at the Site Level
  • Search SharePoint for Content
  • View Search Results
  • Perform Advanced Searches
  • Search for People 


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