Paid Search Professional with OMCP Certification

You’ll gain a comprehensive overview of online marketing, and develop a solid understanding of not only how each discipline works, but how the disciplines relate to each other.
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Instructor Lead(LVC)

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : General

Duration : 135 Hours

Difficulty : Medium

Paid Search Professional with OMCP Certification

In the Paid Search Professional with OMCP® Certification program, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of online marketing, and develop a solid understanding of not only how each discipline works, but how the disciplines relate to each other. You will also receive a comprehensive Pay Per Click (PPC) and Conversion Optimization training. The program incorporates the latest trends and tips in Display Advertising and includes a specialized training in paid social media advertising in which you’ll explore the advertising opportunities of Facebook, YouTube, and other top social media channels. Students in the program also have access to live monthly workshops (webinars) conducted by their instructors. Six (6) to eight (8) Workshops are offered each month that cover a variety of relevant online marketing topics. Students will be eligible for Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP®) certification upon successful completion of the program. 


By completing the Paid Search Professional with OMCP® Certification, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how each discipline works, and how the disciplines work together
  • Plan, create, launch, and evaluate the effectiveness of Paid Search marketing campaigns
  • Define what conversion means in the context of your business model and goals
  • Test multiple landing page layouts and concepts and evaluate the results
  • Know when and how to take advantage of the advertising opportunities of top social media channels
  • Register for the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP®) certification


This program can be taken from either a Mac or a PC. It is compatible with Windows XP and later operating systems and IE 8 and later browsers. There are no specific computer requirements other than an Internet connection, e-mail account, and Windows Media Player (which is available as a free download). We recommend that you use the latest version of Internet Explorer in place of other Web browsers; however, the program should also be compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader are required for this program.


Students should have basic computer skills and a computer with internet access configuration as specified in the technical requirements section. Introduction to Online Marketing and Internet Marketing Fundamentals should be completed before proceeding to the more advanced sections of the program. 

All of our programs are self-paced and open enrollment, so you can start them when you want and finish them at your own pace.

Introduction to Online Marketing

Internet Marketing Fundamental

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Conversion
  • Web Analytics
  • PPC
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Practitioner - OMCP®

  • Introduction to PPC Advertising
  • Introduction to Keywords & Match Types
  • Writing Effective Ad Copy & Introduction to Landing Pages
  • Campaign Settings
  • Conversion Tracking, Bidding, & Reporting
  • The Content/Display Network
  • Account Organization
  • Quality Score
  • Creating Your Account Strategy & Launching & Monitoring Accounts
  • Testing & Advanced Landing Page Strategy
  • Additional Paid Search Networks & Tools

Conversion Optimization Practitioner - OMCP®

  • Introduction to Conversion Optimization
  • Conversion Planning
  • Conversion Design Concepts
  • Creating Conversion Structure
  • Building Momentum
  • Engaging Dialog with Your Users
  • Web Analytics Analysis & Measurement
  • Taking Action with Conversion Strategies
  • Product Page Optimization
  • PPC Conversion Strategies
  • Conversion Math Analytics

Display Advertising

  • Understanding the Digital Customer
  • Defining Display Advertising
  • Targeting Methods
  • Behind the Scenes of Display
  • Display Ad Optimization
  • Display Advertising Players
  • How Display Is Sold
  • Measuring Display Success

Paid Social Media Advertising

  • Understanding Advertising Options Available Through YouTube
  • Including AdWords Ads in YouTube Videos
  • Including TruView Video Ad Options in Your YouTube Videos
  • Embedding YouTube Ads on Your Channel Pages
  • Utilizing Facebook Banner Advertising in Your Facebook Ad Strategy
  • Taking Advantage of Demographic Targeting Options for Facebook Ads
  • Adding Facebook Mobile Ads to Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

YouTube and Video Marketing

  • Outlining Your YouTube Marketing Strategy
  • Identifying Who Discovers New Videos
  • Getting Your Videos Discovered
  • Knowing Where and When to Customize Your Channel
  • Why Are Your Videos Worth Discovering
  • How to Leverage YouTube Analytics
  • Identifying Who Shares New Videos


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