Search Engine Optimization

This program will give you the knowledge necessary to increase the search engine visibility of your own site or client sites on the world’s most popular search engines and directories including Google, Bing and Yahoo!
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Instructor Lead(LVC)

Domain / Subject : Engineering & Technology

Function : Information Technology(IT)

Trainer name : Kalena Jordan, Karon Thackston, Kim Krause-Berg, Micky Stuivenberg

Duration : 150 Hours

Difficulty : Medium

About the course

The role of Search Engine Optimization Specialist is one of today's cutting-edge jobs in a highly rewarding industry. The Search Engine Optimization Online Training Program is a series of three bundled courses for people who want to take advantage of the global demand for search marketing staff and jump-start their career path in the fast-paced search engine industry.

This program will give you the knowledge necessary to increase the search engine visibility of your own site or client sites on the world’s most popular search engines and directories including Google, Bing and Yahoo! Completion of this series will also help to prepare you for starting your own search engine optimization business or applying for a job in the fields of SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) or online advertising.


After successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand how Google and other search engines rank pages.
  • Understand what makes a web page search engine compatible.
  • Understand what type of content search engines love.
  • Research and select appropriate keywords to target.
  • Successfully integrate search keywords within web site copy.
  • Create effective and search engine friendly web pages.
  • Optimise large or complex web sites for better search rankings.
  • Create effective and optimized text navigation menus.
  • Use link titles and anchor text effectively.
  • Monitor search positions for target search terms.
  • Set up site architecture to be search engine compatible.
  • Create a search engine friendly site map.
  • Create a Robots.txt file.
  • Track site performance using Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Optimise dynamic and database-driven web sites.
  • Optimise a graphic-heavy web site.
  • Increase your site’s link popularity.
  • Measure the effectiveness of SEO activities.
  • Report meaningful web site performance data to stakeholders. 

Course Extention

Upon registering, you're given an initial twelve (12) months to complete this program. Should you need more time beyond the twelve (12) months, an extension may be available. Extensions for this program are done on a case-by-case basis.

Computer Requirements:

This program is compatible with the Windows XP and later operating systems, Linux Ubuntu and Mac. It's also compatible with Firefox, Chrome, IE 7 and later browsers.

Course eligibility


Before enrolling in this course, you should have good keyboarding skills, and you should be familiar with using search engines, Internet browsers, and e-mail. It's an advantage, but not required, to have some HTML knowledge and advanced search engine usage experience, as well.

This program will benefit webmasters, students, marketers, advertisers, and anyone else who wants to learn how to promote Web sites on search engines. The following persons should find this course useful:

  • Marketing executives entrusted with the responsibility of promoting their company’s or clients’ web sites.
  • Webmasters wanting to increase traffic to their web sites via search engines.
  • Small business owners wanting to learn how to promote their web sites on the search engines.
  • Search engine optimizers and search engine marketers who want to test and improve their skills.
  • Persons wanting to gain employment in the fast-moving search engine marketing industry.
  • Owners of e-commerce sites that want to increase their site’s visitor-to-customer conversion ratios.
  • Web site designers wanting to offer search engine marketing services to their clients.
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Course Content

  • Search Engine Optimization 101
    • Introduction to SEO
    • Search Engine Basics
    • Search Industry Timeline
    • SEO Requirements Gathering
    • Keyword Research
    • Title and META Tag Creation
    • SEO Copywriting
    • SEO Integration
    • Search Engine and Directory Submission
    • Search Engine Spam
    • SEO Reporting and Conversion
  • Search Engine Optimization 201
    • Overview of SEO
    • Site Architecture
    • Text Content
    • Dynamic Content
    • Graphics
    • Flash and Splash Pages
    • Unfriendly Web Design
    • Link Popularity
    • Pay For Performance
    • Measuring SEO ROI
    • Starting Your Own SEO Business
  • Elective Unit – Choice of:
    • Pay Per Click Advertising 101
    • Pay Per Click Advertising 201
    • Web Site Copywriting 101
    • Web Site Usability 101
    • Article Marketing & Distribution 101
    • Copywriting for Pay Per Click Advertising 101
    • Link Building 101
    • Keyword Research 101


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