Strategic Decision Making

This four-course online certificate program from Michigan State University equips you with an arsenal of valuable new skills and credentials that will help you impact the strategic direction of your organization
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : Leadership/Management

Trainer name : Richard Z. Gooding, PhD

Duration : 8 Weeks

Difficulty : Advanced

Strategic Decision Making

What You’ll Learn
Strategic Decisions

The nature of strategic decisions and types of decisions companies make
How to identify the difference between strategic decisions and tactical decisions
Roles you might play in the strategic decision making process
Why implementation is critical

Human Information Processing and Decision Traps
What decision traps managers fall into and how to avoid them
How stereotypes can bias your decisions
Why “what is good for Starbucks may not be good for your company”
How initial “guesstimates” can negatively impact your future decisions
Why people look for confirming information and how that leads to faulty decisions

Strategic Decision Making Process
How to evaluate your company’s strategic decision making process
Why and where executives go wrong in the decision making process
The different models of decision making
What steps you need to master to improve your decision making skills
Why managers are not and cannot be rational when making decisions

Understanding Risk and Probabilities
The difference between uncertainty, risk and certainty
How to compute probabilities and expected values
How to combine probabilities to draw valid conclusions
How decision framing biases managers’ decisions and perceptions of value
Why and when managers are more likely to make risky choices
Ways to apply decision framing in business to influence behavior

Communication and Individual Differences in Decision Making
How communication can undermine effective decision making
The importance of comprehension and factors that affect comprehension
The four dimensions of the DISC Model of human behavior
How to leverage behavioral styles to improve strategic decision making

Group Decision Making
When to make the decision yourself and when to make a group decision
How the Vroom-Yetton Decision Tree Model can help you make better decisions
The benefits and potential pitfalls of group decision making
What best practices should be applied in group decision making

Creativity in Strategic Decision Making
Ways to prevent assumptions from blocking creativity in each stage of problem solving
How cognitive processes keep us from being creative
How you can break creative blocks and enhance your creative process
Which techniques will improve your brainstorming

Designing and Implementing an Effective Strategic Decision Making Process
How to create an effective and efficient strategic decision making process
Ways to analyze your company’s current strategic position
How to effectively set long-term strategic goals
Why you should focus on alignment and gap analysis in formatting your plan
How to generate and evaluate different strategic paths
What you can do to make sure your strategy works and the plan is implemented


Course eligibility

Credit & Tuition
ACE credit recommendation 2 semester hours in the upper-division baccalaureate degree category. Register today and earn 3.5 CEUs for $1,980.

Who Should Register?
This program is essential for executives who lead strategic decision making processes, as well as managers who participate in the process and want to impact the strategic direction of their organization.

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Strategic Decision Making Syllabus

  • Lecture #    Subject Title
  • Lecture Faculty:    Richard Z. Gooding, PhD
  • Facilitating Faculty:    Richard Z. Gooding, PhD
  • Week 1:    Strategic Decision Making and Human Information Processing
  • 1    Introduction to Strategic Decisions

2    Your Role in Strategic Decision Making
3    Human Information Processing 
4    The Selective Nature of Attention 
5    Constructive Nature of Memory

  • Week 2:    Strategic Decision Making Biases and Traps 

6    Decision Traps 
7    Availability Bias in Decision Making
8    Representativeness and Small Sample Bias 
9    Regression to the Mean Bias 
10    Confirmation Bias
11    The Importance of Disconfirming Information: What Could Go Wrong
12    Anchoring Bias

  • Week 3:    Strategic Making Process and Understanding Risk 

13    Strategic Decision Making 
14    Decision Making as Problem Solving 
15    Bounded Rational Model of Decision Making 
16    Understanding Risk and Estimating Probabilities
17    Combing Probabilities 
18    Making Vaild Decisions Using Probabilities
19    Decision Framing Part I 
20    Decision Framing Part II

  • Week 4:    Communication and Individual Differences in Strategic Decision Making 

21    Communication in Decision Making 
22    Individual Differences in Decision Making Part I 
23    Individual Differences in Decision Making Part II

  • Week 5:    Group Dynamics and Using Teams in Strategic Decision Making 

24    Group Decision Making 
25    Vromm-Yetton Case Study
26    Delphi and Nominal Group Techniques
27    Group Decision Making Pitfalls
28    Effective Teams Part I
29    Effective Teams Part II

  • Week 6:    Tools and Techniques: Defining the Current Situation and Strategy

30    Strategic Planning Tools and Techniques
31    Defining Current Situation - SWOT Analysis
32    SWOT Analysis - Case Study
33    Defining Current Situation - Understanding the Industry
34    Defining Current Situation - Strategy Activity Mapping 
35    Strategy Activity Mapping - Case Study

  • Week 7:    Tools and Techniques: Creativity in Strategic Decision Making 

36    Creativity in Decision Making 
37    Improving Creative Thinking 
38    Strategy Development - Brainstorming the Future 
39    Blue Ocean Strategy Part I 
40    Blue Ocean Strategy Part II
41    Evaluating Strategic Opportunities

  • Week 8:    Tools and Techniques: Building an Effective Strategic Plan

42    Setting Strategic Goals and Scaling the Business
43    Building the Strategic Plan
44    Strategic Planning Case Study I 
45    Strategic Planning Case Study II
46    Strategy Implementation and Your Role 


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