Strategic Leadership

This four-course online certificate program from Michigan State University equips you with an arsenal of valuable new skills and credentials that will help you impact the strategic direction of your organization
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : Leadership/Management

Duration : 8 Weeks

Difficulty : Advanced

Strategic Leadership
What You’ll Learn
Creating Unique Value
How to create effective strategies even in the absence of valuable resources
Why mission statements are so important
Outsourcing strategies and considerations
How greed and distrust destroy value
What the characteristics of successful companies teach us about profitability

Foundations of Value Creation and Value Capture
How to combine resources, establish dynamic capabilities and sustain advantages
What affects value creation from the consumer’s perspective
Who captures the most value from innovation

Strategic Value Propositions
How to achieve a competitive advantage with a good business strategy
Low cost strategy advantages and reconfiguring the value chain
Ways to distinguish your firm’s value proposition from competitors
Strategies for increasing consumer willingness to pay

The Effect of Market Structure on Firm Profitability
How environment factors and trends play a role
Five market forces that affect profitability in every industry
The impact of substitutes and complementary products
How to switch costs and insulate your income stream from rivals

Surviving Market Transitions
How industry dynamics and stages of rivalry impact the industry lifecycle
Skills to survive emergence stage risks and the shakeout between growth and maturity
What you can do to respond to natural decline and survive threats

Responding to Disruptive Events
The nature of different types of technological disruptions
How technological innovation causes industry disruptions and changes the value proposition
Competitive dynamics in slow, fast, and standard cycle markets
Why market commonality is important
Industry mapping and the importance of strategic groups to strategic choice
Ways to better understand your competitors

Going Global
How to manage and transfer competitive advantages in the global arena
Strategies for balancing opportunity against opportunism when entering foreign markets
What risks exist when entering a foreign market
How to overcome market failure
How to balance tradeoffs in managing a global business

Credit & Tuition
ACE credit recommendation 2 semester hours in the upper-division baccalaureate degree category. Register today and earn 3.5 CEUs for $1,980.


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Who Should Register?
The Strategic Leadership course is a must for both early career and seasoned professionals looking to gain new tools and perspectives for achieving and maintaining a sound competitive advantage.

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Strategic Leadership Syllabus
Lecture #    Subject Title
Lecture Faculty:    Robert Wiseman, PhD
Facilitating Faculty:    Margaret Hughes-Morgan, PhD

Week 1:    Creating Unique Value
1    Value Creation – Madonna and Bob Dylan
2    Myths and Realities of Mission Statements
3    Firm Performance and Profitability A
4    Firm Performance and Profitability B
5    Ethics, Self Interest and Economic Rents
Week 2:    Restoring Value Creation and Value Capture
6    Sustaining Advantage and Appropriating Rents
7    Value Chain vs. Consumption Chain
8    Who Captures the Most Value
9    Starbucks Case Intro
10    Starbucks Case Debrief
Week 3:    Strategic Value Propositions
11    Business Strategies
12    Lowest Cost Provider of Value
13    Providing Different Value
14    Ducati Case Intro
15    Ducati Case Debrief
Week 4:    Market Structure
20    Market Structure Components and General Environment
21    Threat of Substitutes and Complementary Products
22    Market Structure – Pharmaceutical Industry
19    Apple Case Intro
20    Apple Case Debrief
Week 5:    Market Transitions
21    Dynamics Industry Emergence
22    From Emergence to Maturity
23    Decline and Resurgence
24    Ryanair Case Intro
25    Ryanair Case Debrief
Week 6:    Responding to Disruptive Events
26    Industry Disruptions
27    Industry Transitions
28    Business Models Part I
29    Business Models Part II
30    Pandora Radio Case Intro
31    Pandora Radio Case Part 1 Debrief
Week 7:    Rivalry
32    Industry Rivalry
33    Expanding the Economic Pie
34    Role of Strategic Groups
35    Know Your Enemy
36    Coke v Pepsi Case Intro
37    Coke v Pepsi Case Debrief
Week 8:    Going Global
38    Introduction to International Strategy
39    What Makes a Global Business Unique
40    Walmart Enters Germany
41    Entering Foreign Markets
42    Opportunity vs. Risk – When Markets Fail
43    Role of Business Groups
44    Managing a Multi-National Corporation


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