Strategic Negotiation

You’ll learn how to identify negotiation opportunities, address conflicts and gain an understanding of the unique challenges that exist when individuals, groups and organizations face potential or existing conflict.
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Self Paced

Domain / Subject : Business & Management

Function : Sales

Duration : 8 Weeks

Difficulty : Advanced

Strategic Negotiation

In this 100% online course, you’ll strengthen your skill sets in intra-organizational, team, multi-party and cross-cultural negotiations. You’ll learn how to identify negotiation opportunities, address conflicts and gain an understanding of the unique challenges that exist when individuals, groups and organizations face potential or existing conflict. Through participation in role-playing negotiation exercises with your peers in class, you’ll explore a broad spectrum of negotiation strategies, new tactics to solve ongoing differences and models for securing cooperation and agreement in competitive environments.

What You’ll Learn
Essential Negotiation Concepts
Ways to evaluate success in negotiations
How to apply best practices from real-world negotiations
The notion of prominence

Distributive Negotiations
How to establish the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)
Strategies for mastering negotiating techniques face-to-face, by phone and via email
How to develop supporting arguments and analyze the other party
The 10-point planning guide for any negotiation

Negotiator Tactics and Thinking Patterns
Distributive bargaining and avoiding dirty tricks and contentious tactics
The power of persuasion
Prospect Theory and the Framing Effect
How to use common negotiation thinking patterns to your advantage

Integrative Negotiations
The Dual Concern Model
The dynamics of integrative negotiations and value of integrative agreements
What tactics to apply in integrative negotiations

Using Personal Traits to Your Advantage
How to identify your personality-negotiation fit
What role experience and intuition play
How gender differences influence negotiation

How to deal with the dynamics of intense workgroups
Strategies for dealing with intragroup conflict and team performance
How to develop improvement strategies

Cross-Cultural and Multi-Party Negotiations
How cultural differences can affect negotiations
Strategies for recognizing conflict behaviors in different cultures
Dynamics of multi-party negotiations
How to use coalitions in negotiations

Managing Conflicts and Resolving Disputes
The concept of justice and victim behaviors
Alternative dispute resolution
How third parties factor into negotiations


Course eligibility

Who Should Register?
The Strategic Negotiation course is relevant to a wide spectrum of professionals who seek to maximize their outcomes and build partnerships in a variety of business situations. The program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving their negotiation tools and skills. The course is a required course for completing the Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management or the Master Certificate in Strategic Change Management. It is offered as an elective or add-on for other certificate programs as well.


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Lecture #Subject Title
Lecture Faculty:    Don Conlon, PhD
Facilitating Faculty:    Jennifer Dunn, PhD
Week 1:    Essential Negotiation Concepts

1    Introduction and Overview of the Program
2    The Book Contract Negotiation
3    Book Contract Negotiation Debrief
4    The Prominence Quiz
5    How to Evaluate Success
6    Negotiation Anecdotes
Week 2:    Distributive Negotiations
7    The Importance of Planning Part 1
8    The Importance of Planning Part 2
9    The Importance of Planning Part 3
10    Distributive Negotiation Strategies
Week 3:    Negotiator Tactics and Thinking Patterns
11    Distributive Bargaining and Dirty Tricks Part 1
12    Distributive Bargaining and Dirty Tricks Part 2
13    Buying a House Negotiation
14    Buying a House Negotiation Debrief
15    Bullard Houses Negotiation
16    Bullard Houses Negotiation Debrief
17    Light Distributive Tactics in Action (From Dateline)
18    Negotiator Thinking Patterns
Week 4:    Integrative Negotiations
19    Mountain Pinnacle Negotiation
20    Mountain Pinnacle Negotiation Debrief
21    Integrative Negotiation Techniques
22    Strategies for Inventing Options
Week 5:    Using Personal Traits to Your Advantage
23 Negotiation
24 Negotiation Debrief
25    Personality in Negotiations
26    An Example of Personality-Negotiation Fit
27    Experience and Gender in Negotiations
Week 6:    Teams and Cross-Cultural Negotiations
28    Negotiations and Teams: El-Tek Negotiation Intro
29    El-Tek Negotiation Debrief
30    Intragroup Conflict: An Example of Intense Workgroups
31    Cross-Cultural Negotiation Challenges
32    Hofstede's Model of International Culture
Week 7:    Multi-Party Negotiations
33    Final Offer Documentary Debrief
34    Coalitions and HarborCo Negotiation
35    HarborCo Debrief and Managing Multi-Party Negotiations
Week 8:    Managing Conflicts and Resolving Disputes
36    Managing Bad News: Pay Cuts
37    Managing Bad News: Layoffs, Justice and Victim Behaviors
38    Third-Party Roles
39    Organizing the Eight Procedures
40    Distributive, Procedural and Interpersonal Justice
41    Pacific Oil Case Analysis


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