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In this course, you will learn the technology, philosophy, and proper rules to bring web creativity to life.
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Course at a Glance

Mode of learning : Online - Instructor Lead(LVC)

Domain / Subject : Engineering & Technology

Function : Information Technology(IT)

Trainer name : Hamlet Javier, Tracy Berry

Duration : 350 Hours

Difficulty : Medium

About the course

You will start with the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and advance to HTML5 to learn the technologies that drive the functionality of websites. You will then learn about color theory and typography and develop a strong foundation in building client relationships and organizing their projects.  In the last part of the course, you will learn the tools of the trade: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.

Every great site needs more than functionality. It needs a fresh, unique look, a tone to convey the company or organization’s products, services, and message. With the skills you learn in this program, you can do just that.


In this program, learn the following:

  • Basic Web development
  • The difference between HTML and XHTML
  • CSS syntax
  • JavaScript syntax
  • Differences between HTML5 and HTML 4
  • HTML5: new elements and attributes
  • Basic color theory principles
  • Considerations for print and web
  • Rules of typography and when how professionals break the rules
  • Photoshop workspace and work images
  • Section 508 compliance considerations
  • Phases of the design process
  • Browser support for CSS

You will be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Organize CSS code
  • Create stunning visual effects with dynamic HTML
  • Define project scope
  • Modify content on the fly
  • Work with audio and video in HTML5
  • Position elements dynamically
  • Create mockups and work with data
  • Make type flow
  • Create a color palette for your project
  • Define a site in Dreamweaver
  • Load and control Flash Content
  • Work with Sound and Video in Flash CS6
  • Build a style guide for your project

Course Extention

When you register you receive an initial twelve (12) months to complete this program. Should you need more time beyond the twelve (12) months, an extension of six (6) months is available at a fee of $700.

Computer Requirements:

This program can be taken on either a PC or a Mac OS X. It is compatible with the Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and later operating systems and with any of the following browsers (and any later versions): Mozilla Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 8, Opera 11, and Safari 5.1.

Course eligibility


There are no prerequisites for this course; however, students should be familiar with personal computers and have an interest in technology and web design.

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Course Content

  • Introduction to HTML
    • A Quick Overview of Web Development
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Paragraphs, Headings and Text
    • HTML Links
    • HTML Images
    • HTML Lists
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Forms
  • Introduction to CSS
    • Crash Course in CSS
    • CSS Fonts
    • CSS Text
    • Colors and Backgrounds
    • Custom Cursors
    • CSS and Links
    • Borders, Margins and Padding
    • Styling Tables with CSS
  • Advanced CSS
    • Positioning and Visibility
    • Advanced CSS Page Layout
    • CSS Shorthand Properties
    • CSS Lists as Hierarchical Navigation
    • CSS Background Tricks
    • Laying out and Styling Forms with CSS
    • CSS Best Practices
    • Browser-compatibility Issues
  • Introduction to JavaScript
    • JavaScript Basics
    • Variables, Arrays and Operators
    • JavaScript Functions
    • Built-In JavaScript Objects
    • Conditionals and Loops
    • JavaScript Form Validation
    • Images, Windows and Timers
    • Navigator, History, and Location Objects
  • Advanced JavaScript
    • Quick JavaScript Recap
    • Advanced Techniques
    • Regular Expressions
    • The HTML Document Object Model
    • Dynamic Forms
    • Dynamic HTML
  • Introduction to HTML5
    • Laying out a Page with HTML5
    • HTML5 - How We Got Here
    • Sections and Articles
    • HTML5 Audio and Video
    • HTML5 Forms
    • HTML5 Web Storage
    • HTML5 Canvas
    • Integrated APIs
  • Color Theory
    • Terminology
    • Building an Efficient Color Theme
    • Color Theory Principles
    • Color Context
    • Implementing Color
  • Typography
    • Anatomy
    • Typeface vs. Font
    • Rules for Typography
    • Types of Typography
    • Type Hierarchy
    • Building an Efficient Style Guide
  • Introduction to Photoshop
    • Exploring the Photoshop Workspace
    • Image Size and Resolution
    • Selection Tools
    • Painting
    • Retouching
    • Color Correction
    • Advanced Layer Techniques
    • Working with Type and Vector Shapes
    • Designing for Web
    • Preparing Final Art
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
    • A Quick Overview of Web Development
    • Getting Started with Dreamweaver
    • Creating HTML Pages
    • Links
    • Images
    • Lists
    • Tables
    • Styling Content
  • Managing Web Design Projects
    • Design Process
    • Project Scope
    • Mock-ups
    • Functionality Model
    • Integration
    • Usability and Accessibility Rules
    • Roll-out
    • Analysis
  • Introduction to Flash
    • Getting Started
    • Working with Drawing Tools
    • Graphic Symbols and the Library
    • Basic Animation
    • Advanced Animation
    • Button Symbols
  • Advanced Flash
    • Movie Clip Symbols
    • ActionScript
    • Working with Sound and Video
    • Using Components
    • Loading and Controlling Flash Content
    • Publishing Flash Documents


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